What to Know Before Buying Your Luxury Beach House

What to Know Before Buying Your Luxury Beach House

Beach days are truly the highlight of the summer. The salty breeze, the warm sand – what’s there not to love? If you find yourself spending more time oceanside than in the city, living in a luxury beach house is your ticket to an endless summer. Even though you can’t wait to pick out your perfect home, there are a few things you should know before deciding on your new residence.

A good real estate agent is key

You can always search for a beach house on your own, but working with a great real estate agent can make the experience much more enjoyable. Picking a real estate agent that is familiar with the area, has unmatched negotiation skills, and has plenty of experience in both buying and selling homes will help you score the best beach property in Massachusetts.

Though you may think that a real estate agent is only necessary for selling a home, using a buyers’ agent is very common. In fact, 86% of buyers choose to buy a home with the help of an agent. A great real estate agent can see things you may overlook and can turn your list of wants and needs into a reality. The only thing you have to do is sit back, relax, and shop for brand-new beach attire.

The location should match your lifestyle

Choosing a home is so much more than deciding on a gorgeous property. It should also fit your current lifestyle and be adaptable to any future changes. For example, if you’re always looking for something to do and crave interaction, living in Sandwich will allow you to take advantage of museums and incredible restaurants. However, if you’re in need of a vacation home that allows you to escape all the noise, perhaps Orleans or Truro is more your style. For those who are wary of seclusion, living in a place like Barnstable will allow you to take in full views of the ocean every day without being too far from your neighbors. Ultimately, there are plenty of beautiful homes for sale in Cape Cod for you to fill with memories and laughter. But picking the right town will make beachside living feel like a total dream every day.

Decide what the property will be used for

Using your home as a primary or secondary residence matters when deciding what type of home you’d like and where. When choosing a vacation residence, you’ll want to pick a property you don’t mind commuting to. You’ll also have to keep your budget in mind when mortgaging a secondary residence, as the down payment for these home types tends to be more than the down payment for a primary residence.

You’ll also have to consider whether you’d like to rent out this property as an extra source of income. Homes purchased solely for income purposes are subject to certain taxes, but on the upside, you’ll also have access to an array of income tax deductions for things like utilities and maintenance. Beach homes that are secondary residences can be rented for two weeks per year tax-free, which is especially profitable if your home is located in areas like Provincetown that garner loads of tourism in the summer.

When you’re choosing a beach home as a primary residence, you’ll want to think about the climate. It is no secret that the temperature tends to be cooler around the beach, so you’ll need to make sure this works for you and your family when the colder months roll around.

Not all beach homes are beachfront

Sadly, not every beach home is going to have private beach access or even be placed right on the waterfront. Homes with beachfront access tend to have a much higher value, so make sure your interests align with your budget. One downside to having a real beachfront home is the lack of privacy. You’ll want to enjoy the view, but you’ll likely be in close quarters with your neighbors, which is a downside if you’re looking for perpetual peace and quiet. Some houses may be close to the water without touching the sand, but don’t count these homes out! Sometimes giving up your beachfront desires will lead you to a home that has other benefits, like a spacious hot tub or plenty of on-site parking.

Consider the taxes and insurance costs

What you’ll gain in dreamy views and an endless tan, you’ll end up paying for in insurance costs. Beach homes can prove difficult to insure – you’ll need to make sure your house is covered from hurricanes, floods, and potential erosion, especially if you plan on renting the property out. This can be costly when all is said and done.

On the plus side, you’ll notice coastal homes in towns like Chatham and Dennis have lower property taxes in comparison to inland towns like Longmeadow and Amherst. If you decide to rent out your property for two weeks per year, you can easily use the income to pay for your low property taxes.

Inspecting the structure and foundation is crucial

Your real estate agent can help you organize an inspection for your beach homes so you can make sure there are no structural or foundational abnormalities. Since beach homes are more subject to water-related damage and erosion, it is essential to ensure the home you love can withstand the test of time. Your real estate agent can connect you to a coastal home inspector that knows exactly what your property requires to keep your family safe and maintain the value of your property.

Your ideal waterside residence awaits

Now that you have all the information you need to choose the perfect beach house for you and your family, why wait any longer? By teaming up with Cindy Houlihan, you’ll have access to a real estate agent with a keen knowledge of the Cape Cod real estate market. Cindy understands luxury – she knows how to connect buyers to homes that fit their homeownership goals and personalities. Call Cindy today to begin your Cape Cod beach house journey!

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